Art Every Day

I have recently decided to do art every day. These are my first two days worth. First 3 images are approximately 8 by 11 and done with Inktense blocks, but the final beach scene is 3″ by 5″ and is Caran D’ache Luminance colored pencils. All are available and for sale, as is or framed. for the rest of my blog, please go to Art Every Day 365 Blog


frActured portrait of cat in large armchair



My Left Hand Holds the Smoldering Cigarette



The Salt Flats behind the North Beach at Ogunquit



Bathers in Early May 2018, at Ogunquit, Maine


  1. Sorry Pam overlooked your link to these pages and your recent artwork and stay at Maine. How wonderful you are producing art every day. And the quality of your work so good. I am not surprised you have so many friends and followers because your work is amazing. I unfortunately just do simple cartoons but when I do feel creative enough to produce work I enjoy the process and I can say as a quick worker not having the concentration to apply myself for a long period of time on any of my cartoons I tend to just produce simple works of art. My cartoons as they stand I feel make a statement just like your however and this is the whole point of me doing them. A statement and recording. I do not have the following you have and mine are controversial to say the least so not everybody’s cup of tea. Hope you manage to sell your work and eventually make a living from it. Are you any more nearer to people buying some of it? Do you sell the prints? And where can I buy a print of my favourite painting of yours? Anne

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    1. Hi Anne

      You should be able to get a decent large or small print of the Fork you psychiatry at then look for. My name and profile -// from there you should. Be able to find the drawing

      Let me know if this works for you?

      Thank you for visiting my new blog!



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