Domestic Art: Darning!

By the way, for those of you who do not know this, darning is a repair process, it involves weaving new threads into the existing sock, but it is definitely not making the sock from nothing. I fix holes, in short, nothing more. But in Vermont we tend to wear expensive woolen socks in winter, so – welp, someone has to do it or we would be a holey population! Hah!

This is a lost art, the art of darning…I love to darn socks, anyone’s!
Darning egg, er, Gourd, plus darned socks, done today!


    1. Actually, I just darn, I know how to knit but I no longer do that. Darning is really just a weaving process and often is quite visible as people use different colored yarns, but in this case I had some sock wool (80% wool) that matched almost perfectly so you cannot quite see the darning as obviously as you might…


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