Beaded Bowl, Huichol style

I have been working on this small bowl as my first try at a properly beaded bowl, using Huichol techniques and style. This time I brushed on melted beeswax, which gives a more even layer of wax, and I embedded the beads, hole-side up, as the Mexican Huichol people do when making beaded bowls. I used 8/0 size seed beads, but not silver lined cylinders as I tried to use last time. It is not easy, I can tell you that much, just to fit the beads on and make a consistent pattern. As I am definitely not a planner, this may be a serious drawback. But we will see. So far, this is how far along I am, after several hours of work on a an approximately 6” diameter bowl. I also need more colors in the beads I am using! Yes!

F8D01E33-B3A6-487C-B4E0-B8E64B224710.jpegBelow are examples of the exquisite work the Huichol people do.

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