1. Well, I thank you again for the double follow! And thanks too for those kind, kind words on my art…I always feel a bit like a fraud, not a “real artist” because I have no training…you dig? But I try not to let that get in my way, even if I often often often feel it! Take care and be well,


    1. Thanks, Jon. I appreciate it! Even though it says I have a fair number of followers, I believe many of them are bots…Usually with a suspect address. So when I get a comment or acknowledgment from a real person, it is GREAT! Sincerely,


      1. Absolutely! I enjoy your artwork – it’s always so imaginative and interesting. It’s refreshing to browse through, especially contrasted with my generic portraits.

        And I sort of figured out my confusion about not being subscribed already – that was your other site I was following. Somehow, I had forgotten to also follow this one


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