Me at Alternatives 2018…Catholic University prison

 And just for good measure this is their excuse for a “luxurious single with bath…” in a dorm with virtually nobody else imprisoned here! They should be ashamed to house students here let alone fee-paying conference goers. The food, more over, is cafeteria basic, and in my opinion, atrocious. Worse yet, there are no vending machines or snack bars available at all. Not during the summer. So if you don’t get to the mealtime swill, you are out of luck. Appalling! Warning to prospective Catholic univeristy students!

Charming ain’t it? This is the room with which they punished me for  requesting a single! FAHs!


  1. Considering that this was a conference made up of psychiatric survivors, it was not considered apparently, how much like a seclusion room these dorm rooms were! I was not (by far) the only person to compare the two ! Sheesh! And to think this is a very very expensive univeristy that many students leave at graduation with enormous debt…horrendous accommodations, in my humble opinion!


  2. Sheesh! What did you do to deserve that! There are a few women I study with who live on campus, it’s not glam living but it’s ok, yours – is – actually a bit spooky.


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