1. Hey, Nat, i went to your amazing photography blog and when it said, esp at your photo of your children some years ago, “please rate this”, i did not see any buttons to do so…would have given you high marks if there was someplace to do it. Or am I simply blind ? I have missed such things before….

      My best to you,


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  1. Oh wow! That is beautiful! I hear you on “ruining” something, which generally doesn’t happen in writing or music composition since you can “take back” what you have done.You can definitely wreck a recipe or a knitting project, though. You can irreparably botch a performance. It is interesting that the possibility of “wrecking” a work of art depends on how the art work plays out in the passage of time. I love the painting.


      1. Dear Marie and Julie,

        Oh this version was not wrecked at all…which is why I was so glad I « saved » it by photographing it. Alas’ gouache is not forgiving or erasable and when I tried to «  smoothe » it I completely wrecked the original… BUT I am so happy I still have a photo to make prints from!




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