1. Phoebe, just tried to leave a comment, but had to reset my WordPress password. Thank you for sending me an email about my blog and the painting/drawing I did. It means so much to me that you would take the time to write to me telling me that you responded to the work and the blog. Your painting of the humpback whale is so beautiful. I wish you peace and happiness always!


  2. Phoebe, thanks for sending me an email! I’m very happy that you liked the 3 pepper painting/drawing and the blog post. I’m sorry that you couldn’t post a comment. I tried doing it as myself and as Anonymous and the comments showed up on the blog. I love your watercolor painting of the humpback whale! Beautiful. I hope you are well. I send out prayers to people in the morning and you are definitely one of the group of people who has touched my life. Be well Phoebe Sparrow!


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